Terms & Conditions

  1. General provisions
  1. Service of access to paid and free content (including videos available on the Website) for Website Users is provided by AEC DIGITAL , ul. Jasnogórska 3, 05-270 Marki, Poland, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 1132576186, hereinafter referred to as Website Administration.
  2. Providing the Service on the Website takes place according to the rules specified in the present terms of use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”).
  3. The Terms and Conditions set out the general principles constituting the legal basis for use of the Service on the Website. Each User is obliged, from the moment of starting to use the Service, to comply with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Prior to using the Service, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. By starting to use the Website the User confirms that he/she is familiar with the content of the Terms and Conditions, accepts them, their provisions and agrees to comply with them.
  1. Definitions
  1. Website – the website www.edu.becomebimcoordinator.com located at the above mentioned Internet address, and possibly other Internet addresses, which consists of, among others, a complex of services provided electronically on behalf of Users and functionalities (catalogue).
  2. Catalogue – a functionality of the Website allowing in particular for searching, sorting and displaying the Product descriptions.
  3. User – a person using the Website, in particular accessing the Services on the Website with or without payment. Only adults with full legal capacity may be Users. In order to use the Website, minors must obtain the written consent of their parents or legal guardians and present it to the Website Administration upon request.
  4. Service, Access to Service – service provided electronically on the Website including access to the Catalogue and free or paid presentation of Products (streaming videos), provided under the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions.
  5. Product – an object of the Service provided on the Website with a price indicated included in its presentation on the Website. A Product may also be available for free, which shall be indicated accordingly in its presentation on the Website. Availability of a Product may be limited.
  6. Registration Form – questionnaire completed by the User during the Platform registration process.
  7. Password – a string of characters, defined by the User or generated by the Platform in the process of password recovery.
  8. User Name (Login) – a unique identifier of the User defined by the User during the registration process.
  9. Logging – confirmation of the identity of a registered User by entering the user name and password.
  1. Terms of access to the Service on the Website
  1. Access to the Service may be free or paid.
  2. The User will be immediately informed of access to the Service along with information about the transaction made by e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the registration process.
  3. Access to a paid service may be purchased using the methods available on the Website.
  4. Access to a paid service, depending on the Product, may be time-limited.
  5. The cost of paid access to the Service (streaming video materials) each time is clearly specified in the Product offered on the Website.
  6. All Product prices are gross prices and include VAT at the rate specified by applicable law. The price given next to each Product on the Website is binding for the User and for wiedza.liczysiewynik.pl at the moment of placing an order for access to the paid Service by the User.
  7. The administration of the edu.becomebimcoordinator.com reserves the right to change the prices of Access to Paid Services offered on the Website, to conduct temporary promotional campaigns and discount actions, including changing them. Individual promotions and discounts are not cumulative. Changes do not affect previously purchased Access to a paid Service.
  8. In the case of Access to the free-of-charge Service, the User may receive multiple advertising materials (in the form of video or graphic spots) before, during and after viewing the video material. Advertising materials shall be separated from the actual content of the Product, being the subject of a given Service.
  9. The following Products are available as part of the Service:
    a) “Single Video Material”– access to multiple viewings of a single video material identified on the Service as a single video material. Access will be available within the time period specified on the Service from the moment of access to the Product. Access may be paid or free of charge.
    b) “Package” (or “Collection”) – access to multiple viewings (video streaming) of several, a dozen or several dozen video materials available on the Website, covered by one total price listed on the Website, for a specified period of time. The Website may offer many different Packages, with different content. Access will be available within the time period specified on the Website, calculated from the moment the “Package” Product is accessed. During the time the “Package” is available, there may be rotating changes of video content or changes to the amount of content within the “Package” Product, but in such a way that the specific video content available within the “Package” remains consistent with the description of the Package on the Website. Access to a “Package” may also be temporarily or permanently free – according to the description on the Website.
  10. After the expiry of the period specified on the Website, there may be a change in the nature of the Product offered or in the principles of its provision (consisting, for example, of a change from free to paid Access to the Service, along with a price or price change), which shall not affect the rights granted to the User until a given date.
  11. User does not have the rights to copy the full or any part of the video materials made available as part of the Service, nor to display or distribute them.
  12. Within a single Access, it is possible to play the material covered by the Access only on one device at a time.
  13. The Administrator of the edu.becomebimcoordinator.com website reserves the right to modify the Products and the rules of using them on the Website, provided that the Products purchased will function according to the rules and deadlines described in the Terms and Conditions and the information about the Products available on the Website, valid at the time of placing an order for Access to the Paid Service.
  14. Access to free Products offered on the Website requires only a computer system that meets the requirements set out in sections 4.1. and 4.2 of the Terms and Conditions.
  15. The User has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason.
  16. The period for withdrawal is 21 days from the date of the agreement conclusion, i.e. in accordance with point 1.1. of the Terms and Conditions with access to the Catalogue or directly to the Products available on the Website.
  17. To exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary:
  1. a) In the case of a Service provided for free – the User should close the website of the Service.
  2. b) In the case of a paid Service, the User shall send a clear notice of withdrawal to the email address contact@becomebimcoordinator.com with an example content:

“I hereby give notice of my withdrawal from the contract for the provision of digital content edu.becomebimcoordinator.com The date of agreement conclusion: User’s name, User’s address, Date, Email address provided during registration”.

  1. In order to meet the withdrawal deadline, you only need to send your notice of withdrawal before the expiry of the deadline set out above. Upon receiving it, the company shall immediately send an acknowledgement of receiving the notice of withdrawal by email to the email address indicated during registration.
  2. Effects of withdrawal:

In the event of withdrawal from this agreement, the User will receive a refund of the agreement concluded without delay and in any case not later than 14 days from the day on which the company is informed of the withdrawal from the agreement.

Loss of the right of access to digital content – access to the Catalogue or to the Products.

  • In the event of withdrawal from this agreement, the User will receive a refund of the agreement concluded without delay and in any case not later than 14 days from the day on which the company is informed of the withdrawal from the agreement.
  • Loss of the right of access to digital content – access to the Catalogue or Products.
  1. Terms and Conditions
  1. Interoperability: The Website can be accessed and used by Users of computers and mobile devices with modern browsers and JavaScript support. It is also necessary to enable cookies and JavaScript in your browser.
  2. Before using the Service, the User is obliged to check whether his/her computer equipment meets the technical requirements specified in the Terms and Conditions. If there is any doubt about the technical possibilities of using the Services by the User, please contact the administration of edu.becomebimcoordinator.com
  3. Video materials available within the Products are in English.
  4. The quality of the played video materials may depend on the technical parameters of the Internet connection and the technical parameters of the device on which the video materials are displayed.
  5. The Company will use due diligence to ensure that the access to the Services on the Website in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and compliance with all requirements set out on the Website at edu.becomebimcoordinator.com is correct. However, the Company does not guarantee that problems with access to the Services will not occur (e.g. as a result of blocking access to the Service despite using it in accordance with the Terms and Conditions). Such cases, with a detailed description, should be reported to contact@becomebimcoordinator.com. They will be considered individually.
  6. The Company informs that technical problems or limitations occurring in the computer equipment used by the User (firewalls – blockades, inappropriate versions of the media player, antivirus and other programs), may limit or prevent the User’s access to the Services on the Website.
  7. Any attempt to hack the Website, offering the Services and using it in a manner inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions or applicable laws, will result in irreversible blocking of access to the Service and taking appropriate legal action. It is forbidden for the User to record, copy or interfere with the content and materials posted on the Website.
  8. Due to the characteristics of the Internet network and computer equipment beyond the control of the company, the company does not guarantee uninterrupted and undisturbed access to the Website.
  9. The content and materials available on the Website are copyrighted by AEC DIGITAL, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 1132576186 or another entity holding the appropriate license from the company.
  10. The Company informs that while using edu.becomebimcoordinator.com, short text information called “cookies” (hereinafter: “cookies”) are saved in the User’s computer or other technologies (e.g. local storage) are applied. The installation of cookies is necessary for the proper provision of Services on the edu.becomebimcoordinator.com. Cookies contain information necessary for the proper functioning of the Websites, in particular those requiring authorisation.
  11. Cookies do not identify the User. No personal data is processed or stored through cookies.
  12. Detailed information on privacy policy, in particular on the use of cookies or other technologies (local storage) is contained in separate regulations for individual Services and the Privacy Policy document available HERE.
  1. Customer complaint
  1. Each User has the right to file a complaint in matters relating to the functioning of the Service.
  2. Complaints regarding payment transactions for Access to the Services referred to in these Terms and Conditions as well as complaints regarding the performance of the Service should be submitted to the Customer Service at the address contact@becomebimcoordinator.com in accordance with point 4.5 of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. User complaints shall be considered by the company on an ongoing basis, but no later than within 14 days from the date of receiving the complaint by the company.
  4. AEC DIGITAL n with Tax Identification Number (NIP): 1132576186 reserves the right to extend the deadline specified in point 5.3 by no more than 10 days if the complaint requires unusual, special actions and arrangements or encounters obstacles beyond the company’s control.
  5. The response to the complaint shall be sent to the User at the contact provided by the User while filing the complaint.
  1. Final provisions
  1. Polish law is applicable to legal relations resulting from the use by Users of the Services on the Website.
  2. Disputes between the company and the customer in respect of the provision of digital content may be resolved amicably through proceedings before an arbitration court under the rules set out in the rules of that court, for instance permanent arbitration consumer courts at provincial trade inspection inspectors referred to in Article. 37 of the Act of 15 December 2000 on Trade Inspection (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 151, item 1219), pursuant to rules laid down in the regulation of the Minister of Justice of 25 September 2001 on defining the rules of organisation and operation of permanent arbitration consumer courts (Journal of Laws of 2001, No. 113, item 1214).
  3. A case may be considered by an arbitration court only after the complaint procedure has been completed and if both parties to the dispute agree to it. In other cases, any disputes shall be submitted to competent courts in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code.
  4. The National Broadcasting Council shall be the competent authority in matters of on-demand audiovisual media services.

The National Broadcasting Council
Skwer Ks. Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego 9
01-015 Warszawa
Tel (22) 597-30-00
fax (22) 597-31-80

  1. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions
  1. Subject to the next sentence, the Company reserves the right, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to make amendments and modifications to the Terms and Conditions for important reasons relating to the technical or substantive operation of the Website, including but not limited to amendments to applicable law. The provisions of the Terms and Conditions in force at the moment of submitting the request to purchase Access to the Service shall apply to Products purchased. Changes in the Terms and Conditions shall be communicated to the Users on the Website and when they log on to the Website.
  2. Any amendments to the Terms and Conditions shall become effective upon their publication on the Website, unless otherwise stated.
  3. After publishing on the homepage or in other places designated for this purpose on the Website information on changes in the Terms and Conditions, the User should immediately become familiar with the changes, since activation on the Website after such announcement constitutes unconditional acceptance of the new content of the Terms by the User.